Hugo award nominees announced

The nominees for this year's Hugo awards have been announced, and its a clean sweep for the brits in the Best Novel category.

Looks like a great list all around. I'm reading two of the nominated novels right now, and hope to read the other three by the time voting closes. I'm definitely going to try and read all the nominated short fiction, as I want to make an informed decision when I vote.

I was happy to see a Kelly Link story in the Best Novelette category, as that probably means it'll be available online, and free Link stories online are a blessing unto all mankind. Also happy to see Lost and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in the dramatic presentation categories. And nice to see Whedon getting his props one last time for the Buffyverse. He missed getting his hugo for the Buffy finale, due to competition with one of the LoTR films. This year, with the dramatic presentation category split, I hope he gets his due.

Expect more talk of the nominees after I read them…

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  1. The Dramatic Presentation category was split last year, too. The Buffy Finale was not up against Return of the King – it lost to Gollum's acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards (Which is, of course, idiotic). You could, of course, argue that id did in fact lose to LOTR, because anything that's even indirectly associated with the LOTR films will always win the Hugo. And you'll be right.

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