Sin City Reviews start piling up

Rotten Tomatoes already has 12 reviews for Sin City, 11 of which are positive, for 92% freshness. And the negative reviewer's big beef seems to be the morality of the film, to which I say, Dude, it's called SIN CITY. Also, he calls Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, and Michael Madsen "no-talent thugs", thus invalidating any claim to sanity he might have had.

I can't remember the last time I had such high expectations for a film. Maybe the first LoTR film, which met my expectations quite ably. Now it just needs an Israeli release date and a scheduled press screening.

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  1. One weird thing I noticed about the movie: it seems that there were plans to adapt the "A Dame to Kill For" volume of the comics, and there was even casting of Maria Bello as the femme fatale, Ava (not the best choice for the role, but whatever). But it seems somewhere along the way they decided to drop "A Dame to Kill For" and stuck with another volume – "Big, Fat Kill".
    This is a weird decision. First, BFK is a direct CONTINUATION of ADTKF. It's possibly the ONLY volume in the comics that can't be considered 100% stand-alone. Second, it's a much BETTER story. And it also provides a much better context for the other two stories used in the movie ("Hard Goodbye" and "That Yellow Bastard"). Bad decision, IMO. But I'll have to watch the movie to see how it turned out.
    Or maybe they're keeping ADTKF for a sequel? IMDB says there's probably gonna be one. Question is what they'll use for it. Other than ADTKF, they used pretty much all the good material in the current movie. "Hell and Back" is OK, the stories in "Booze, Broads and Bullets" are so-so, and "Family Values" is plain garbage. Assuming they'll stick close to the original material (as it seems they did with the current movie) that's not much to work with.
    Oh, and in case it wasn't clear from this message – go read the comics! Would have linked to my review, but I think users of this blog are sick and tired of my shameless self-promotion. So I'll keep it short: just read it.


  2. I believe I read somewhere that it didn't work as well with the others script-wise, so they decided to save it for the sequel. They want to do all the major stories.

    I actually think BFK should work quite well (although reviews I've read have called it the weakest part of the film). It's got some great visuals, which should really work well in film.

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