Veronica Mars and Lost – season's end run

This, television's two best dramas return for their season ending runs. VM has seven eps left, starting with tomorrow night's Betty and Veronica, whereas Lost has four episodes remaining, starting with Wednesday's Deus Ex Machina.

Expectations are, understandably, high.

On a side note, my attempt to watch the first episode of the new Kojak series lasted about 15 minutes. It is not of the good.

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  1. Well about Kojak,

    The first 20 minutes or so ,looked like another clone of "Walker texas ranger",afterwoods it becomes very heavy and gritty and diffcult to watch,but the last 15 minutes are very good,the entire episode looks a a very heavy build for it's good ending.

    based on the end of the episode and the tought that the hard and bad part of the show is behind me
    I even consider watching the next episode.

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