NBA fantasy blogging – 1st playoffs edition

It's the first week of my league's playoffs. I'm the seventh seed, so I'm playing the second seed. My team's pretty deep, and quite good, whereas his is basically a two man team with some glorified ballast. Sadly, those two men are Kevin Garnett and Dwayne Wade. Yup, I'm playing the guy who had the first pick in our draft, in our first year as a keeper league (meaning he'll get to keep two players). Plus, as the higher seed, he's got a 33 point factor working in his favor, which pretty much equals an extra game.

My guys really came on strong last week, with Marion, TMac, Bosh, and Peja all playing very well indeed. If they can all do that again this week (minus the injury that cost TMac one game), I can win this, and eliminate the scariest player in fantasy basketball. If I lose… well, I lost to KG. There's no shame in that.

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