Dear America,

You voted Jessica Sierra off American Idol and kept Scott Savol and Anthony Federov. Are you a nation of deaf people? WTF? I'm not even gonna talk about the fact that Nadia was in the bottom three, AGAIN. But voting off Jessica? She hasn't had a performance that was less than excellent in at least a MONTH. Jeez.

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  1. Reality check…
    …there are about 270 million people in the US (maybe more like 290 mill).

    These teeming millions are busy people, with lives and occupations and interests (and often manias).

    Some watch AI. Some even *vote* for it.

    Mostly? As a nation, we mostly don't care.

    (However, if you want some entertainment that will stick to your ribs, read the letters section of my local smalltown newspaper… …after the pedantic hairy-legged broad scandal we are now in possession of the godless, heathen hippie scandal… …never a dull moment, let me tell you! Link: – NOT for the faint of heart!)

  2. AI got over 30 millions votes this week, and was watched by over 25 million people. Nothing is watched "nationwide", but damn, that's a LOT of Americans.

    Sure, not every person watches AI, and not every person votes for it. And I wouldn't even say the voting represents a cross section of America (though from the variety of people who blog about it, it comes as close as anything does nowadays). But when 25 million watch, and over 30 million votes are cast, it's as close to "America's taste" in popular music as you're gonna find. And that taste? It kinda sucks. As long as Bo Bice goes forward, I can't complain too much, but this week's bottom 3 all make my personal top 5. And voting Jessica Sierra off at this stage is just… stupid.

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