Under (hot water) pressure

Today, I got to have a decent shower in my own home for the first time in a loooong time, and let me tell you, that's a joy to experience.

Lemme back up. When we first bought this apartment, about two and a half years ago, the water pressure wasn't very good. It wasn't horrific, but we could enjoy our showers. Over time, the hot water pressure got weaker, and weaker and weaker. It was a gradual thing, so we almost didn't notice it until we went to greece last year and stayed in a hotel that had GREAT water pressure.

Since then, we've been biding our time, and waiting for the right moment to fix it. The right moment being a time when we're both solvent and can afford it. Since Tammy's been under a new contract for some months now, and I just got paid for a MASSIVE book, the right time was right now. I called a few plumbers this Sunday, and found out that the basic fix for our problem would cost about 1000NIS (that's about $230). That was actually less than we thought it would be. If we knew that's what it cost, we would have done it ages ago. So I chose one of the plumbers (the same guys who fixed our solar water heater last year, who were both good and honest), and they came over today, worked for a couple of hours, and voila – decent hot water pressure. It isn't amazing pressure by any means. To achieve that, we'd have to replace the half of our plumbing that we didn't replace when we moved in. We'd also have to replace the water heater (which is oooold. They replaced the solar receptors last time, but the actual heater is still working but… well… old). But hell, there's an actual stream of hot water, rather than a sad, sad drizzle.

The whole thing cost us 1050 NIS incl. tax. Oh, so worth it.

2 תגובות על ״Under (hot water) pressure״

  1. Hey Merav, welcome!
    How was your b-day?
    After trying the shower myself I can say that the difference is, indeed, very noticeable and pronounced.
    Now I can wash my hair more often and put the much needed mosturizing mask on it afterwards cos I know there'll be enough hot water to wash it off an hour later. It's amazing how we survived thus far.

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