West Wing season 6 Finale

Well, since this blog has Israeli readers who are watching the fifth season on TV, I'll make this as general and unsploilerific as possible.

The main plot of this episode had a tough task – finding an exciting and realistic way of getting to a foregone, but a bit farfetched, conclusion. It did that brilliantly. On the strength of the main plot alone, I'd say this was the best ep in about two seasons.

The secondary plot was teh suck. It was unnecesary (both for the episode and in the grand scheme of things), all kinds of stupid, and just… bad. But it WAS very secondary, and the very, very, very good conclusion of the main plot, and of the season's story, far outweighs it in my mind. This episode gave me a great deal of hope for the next season, even if they do need to fix quite a few things (better overall writing and directorial consistency are much needed). The West Wing still has a pulse, and that's really quite heartening, as it seemed to be dying a slow death, and it was sad to see a formerly excellent show going down that road.

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