Fuglesse oblige

As a straight man who isn't really into fashion (and has all the fashion sense of, well, a geek), some would say I'm not supposed to enjoy The Fug. But damn, the Fug Girls are funny. And the line It's like Charles just accepted a trophy for Excellence in Using The Public's Love of Weddings As A Way of Waving Off The Stench of Public Scandal, in reference to the hideous thing on Prince Charles new bride's head, is pure genius.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Fuglesse oblige”

  1. I had occasion to quote Elizabeth Zimmermann (great grandmother of all knitting in the US, and an English woman who married a German man and immigrated in
    1937) on the subject of hats:

    …the subject of hats …to which the sky is the limit. People will put /anything/ on their heads, it seems to me for two reasons: either it keeps them warm, or it makes them feel cute.

    That was in response to this.

    Forewarned is four-armed.

    2005 is a prime year for jocular milliners.

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