NBA fantasy blogging

There's one more night remaining in the semi finals of my leagues playoffs. My guys are up by nearly 90 points, and both teams have 5 players playing tonight. In other words, there's a pretty good chance that the Dark Establishment fantasy team is going to the finals. It isn't a lock by any means. Steve Nash can go off for a gazillion points, and Marion and TMac may suck, and it can all come crashing down.

But it's a good shot. I've got Bosh, Marion, Tay Prince, Jason Hart, and TMac. He's got Jeff Foster, Donyell Marshal, Anthony Johnson, Chucky Atkins, and Nash. Hart has been ill and/or unproductive all week. Marshal is injured and probably won't play (he hasn't all week). Anthony Johnson has been a monster, and went off for over 50 fantasy points last night. But things are looking pretty good. Of course, if my opponents hadn't lost Jermaine O'Neal and Brad Miller to injuries, I probably lose by a bunch, but sadly for him, he has.

That means that next week, I'm probably meeting the team that's currently up by over 100 points in the other semi finals. This team has LeBron and Baron Davis (who's playing out of his MIND), as well as Gooden and Ricky Davis. Scary ass team, whose score for this week has been nearly 200 points more than mine. Still, this week they had five games for LeBron and Gooden, who only play 3 next week, so, again, there's a chance.

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