NBA fantasy final Day 1

Well, things started out pretty well on day 1. My opponent had 4 players, of which Chris Andersen didn't play, Ricky Davis played well with 34.5 points, Shaun Livingston played very well with 36.5 points, and Damon Stoudamire played poorly with 14.75 points. I had three guys playing: Chris Bosh was excellent with 47.5 points, Shawn Marion was about on par with 46 points (and he had such a monster game on the boards and on defense, that only a poor shooting effort and turnovers prevented a truly magnificent performance) and Shareef Abdur-Rahim had an ok 28.5 points.

Right now, the score is 121.75:85.5. Tonight, the first of my opponents big guns takes the stage, as Baron Davis joins Ricky Davis and (maybe, hopefully not) Chris Andersen play for Bney Sukar (The Sons of Sugar). My team will also feature a superstud, as Tracy McGrady takes the court alongside Dan Gadzuric and Tayshaun Prince. A great deal depends on how well Baron plays this week. If he performs as well as he did last week, I'm probably toast. If Golden State aims for a better spot in the lottery for next season's draft, and decide to play him less, I may have a chance.

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