NBA fantasy final Day 2

The second night of fantasy finals action has just ended, and it was a very good night for the forces of good!

Bney Sukar had 3 players, but Andersen didn't play again, which reduced his daily roster to 2. Both Davis boys were thankfully mediocre, with Ricky having 20.5 and Baron giving 21.

Of my guys, Dan Gadzuric played as well as can be hoped, with 37 fantasy points. Tayshaun Prince was sub par with 14.5, due mostly to massive bench minutes in Detroit's rout of Orlando (ended with only a 9 point margin, but Detroit had subs in for a massive portion of the second half. Hell, even Darko got to play). And Tracy McGrady was Tracy McGrady, with 48 fps and a near triple double.

So, nightly score: 99.5:41.5
Current finals score: 221.25:127

Things look good so far, but tomorrow night… (cue ominous music) LeBron James takes the court. Second scariest player in fantasy basketball, and he's actually close enough to Garnette as to make it interesting, which hasn't been the case in a while. With three players (LBJ, Gooden, and Damon Stoudamire) vs. Shareef, I can only hope I still have a lead when tomorrow's games are done. Keep your fingers crossed, there's only 7 nights to go in this 9 night war for a fairly meaningless title that still means the world to me.

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