What did I SAY?

Damn, America (or, in deference to Shunra, those rather large parts of America who watch AI), you let Scott slide by AGAIN? And voting out Nadia? Are you a nation of deaf, dumb and blind people? WTF? Huh? WTF? Nadia should have gone to the final, with Bo (who was also in the bottom three this week. Again, WTF?). Now she's out, and the show is automatically more boring, and less FUN. Arrrgh. Please, America, in the name of all which does not suck, let Scott go already. And Anthony too.

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  1. I just couldn't believe they let Nadia go! Now there's no one but Bo to hold the show for me, If he goes, the show is fucking boring.

  2. Well, you're missing Bo, who's kinda awesome. And Constantine is facinating to watch in that he started out as a bizzare trainwreck rocker wannabe, and is getting better as he becomes the musical theater guy he actually is. I don't actually LIKE him, but he's interesting to watch. And Carrie, much as I hate the country style she tends to sing, is a terrific singer. Vonzell and Anwar are gifted singers, who are often, well, boring as hell. But the singing is pretty good.

    And then there's inane Randy, insane Paula, and Simon, who is kinda evil, but also fairly entertaining (and, unlike the other two, neither insane nor stupid).

    I like it, or I wouldn't watch it. But DAMN, the voters have been making it hard for me, what with the voting off of both Nadia (my favorite female performer) and Jessica. And the keeping of the woman beating, bad singing, seemingly soul-dead asshole known as Scott Savol.

  3. Hmm. Maybe I am missing something.

    Of course, I'm using that time to see some stuff… …you can preview my anguished attempts to describe that stuff at porttownsend.blogspot.com, but it's really not ready yet. It'll officially be on the air May 1st.

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