NBA fantasy final Day 3

Well, waddaya know! Somehow, my guys are still in the lead. Let's break it down.

Bney Sukar had three players last night, including the awe inspiring LeBron James. LBJ was scary good, with 52.25 fantasy points, and that was on a day when he shot the ball BADLY. Drew Gooden, thankfully, was not so good, with 24 points, and Damon Stoudamire continued the blessedly weak play with 21.75 fps.

On my side, Shareef Abdur-Rahim played quite ably, tallying 36.5 points. Love him, and hope he gets a nice contract with a good team next year.

Nightly score: 36.5:98
Current score: 257.75:252

My lead has shrunk, and should evaporate tonight. Bney Sukar should have their entire lineup in play (possibly without Andersen, who's their weakest player), whereas Tracy McGrady's Houston Rockets are idle tonight. The goal tonight is to escape with the smallest possible deficit.

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