Survivor – the awesomeness of Stephenie LaGrossa

Ok, Israeli Survivor fans waiting for the TV airing, this is a spoilerific post, spoiling anything and everything up to and including the merge episode. Continue at your peril.

What can one say about Stephenie? Possibly the most amazing Survivor competitor ever, formerly sole cool person on a tribe of incompetents, and now, suddenly, a legitimite threat to win the game!

No one in the history of the game faced the situation Steph faced. All alone, her entire tribe eliminated, she showed the kind of grit you usually only see in movies, where it often doesn't seem believable. And later, she made what turned out to be a SMART decision to give up on immunity, in a way that showed that she respects and trusts Tom, while getting to eat half a pizza (a huge thing in a food deficient game like this). As the game progressed to where it is, she showed repeatedly that she is an incredibly strong competitor, and every morning before a challenge, she somehow mustered the belief that THIS time, Ulong may win. Sure, it was a bit deluded, but it was also awesome.

If she doesn't win this game, she's already got a career waiting for her as a motivational speaker. Just an awesome, awesome person.

And the Coby elimination? Sweet, sweet justice. Somewhere in sequesterville, Angie is saying, "hey, fuck you Coby, and thank you Steph."

Along with Tom and Ian (who are also pretty damn awesome), Steph has made this the funnest season of Survivor ever. If one of these guys win, this'll also be the most satisfying win ever, completely obliterating Ethan's win in Africa.

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