NBA fantasy final Day 4 – day of badness

Well, it was bound to happen. I wan't supposed to win this final, and my guys were doing so well, disaster was sure to strike… and it DID.

Let's start with the breakdown. As previously mentioned, Bney Sukar's entire lineup was scheduled to play, and Chris Andersen missed yet another game. LeBron was his usual monstrous self with 45.75 points. Damon Stoudamire got out of his slump with 39.75, which was also Baron Davis' score. Gooden and Ricky Davis were both mediocre with 25.5 and 25.25, respectively, and Shaun Livingston wasn't very good with 19.75.

On my side, things started out eh, with Bosh and Prince getting 25.5 apiece. Gadzuric was benched for most of the second half due to the fact that the Bucks got routed, and ended up with 17.25. Marion was sub par for him with 32, and Shareef was solid with 35 fps.

When the Sacramento-LA game started, things looked very, very good, as Peja got 18 fantasy points in 7 minutes. He was hot from the field, and was 4 from 4 from beyond the arc. And then… he pulled his groin. He was out of the game and won't play tonight either, which is a damn shame, because I could have maintained my slim lead. This may be all she wrote for the Dark Establishment team, but we'll soldier on, and hope we get Peja back soon.

Nightly score: 153:195.75
Current score: 410.75:420.75

Tonight was supposed to be my best shot to take the lead for good. I should still end up with a nice lead, but it doesn't look like it'll be a lead I can hang on to. I've got superstuds TMac and Marion, along with Gadzuric and the sidelined Peja Stojakovic. Bney Sukar have Livingston and maybe injured Chris Andersen.

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