NBA fantasy final Days 5+6

Saturday and Sunday were to feature 6 of Bney Sukar's players and 7 of mine. In reality, they featured 5 of his and 6 of mine, with one of his players getting injured and giving negligible stats. Overall, these two days were very good for my team.

I'll just do the highlights, if no one minds (and since no one comments on these posts, it seem no one minds. Or cares). LeBron and Damon were the stars on Bney Sukar, with 48 and 44.25 points respectively. Drew Gooden got injured and contributed 0.75 fps. Gooden's status for the rest of the contest is unclear. I'll know better after tonight's game, I guess.

On my team, Tmac was awesome with 46 points, and Bosh, Abdur-Rahim and Tayshaun were all very solid with 43.75, 36.25, and 35.75, respectively. Their stellar showing managed to overcome Peja's sitting out the game (and, sadly, the rest of the NBA regular season, ie. the fantasy playoffs).

Double nightly score: 217.25:127.25
Current score: 628:548

I've got a nice lead going. If Peja wasn't hurt, I'd be quite optimistic. As it is… I just don't know. Tonight, TMac and Marion join up with Gadzuric (while Peja watches from the bench, as he was scheduled to play) versus Baron Davis and Shaun Livingston, with Chris Andersen questionable to play. Should hopefully be a day in which I expand my lead. Hopefully that lead will be enough.

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