NBA fantasy final Day 7

Well, that was an interesting day.

I had three guys, he had two (Andersen and Peja didn't play). He had Baron Davis and Shaun Livingston, who both played as well as can be expected. David had a monster game with 48.25 fantasy points, whereas Livingston had a decent game with 28.25 fps. Livingston would have probably had a better game, but he sat for much of the second half, due to the fact that his team was being routed.

On my side, TMac who was on the team doing the routing, also sat out most of the second half, and ended up with 31.75 points. As TMac is primarily a fourth quarter monster, sitting out the end of the game hurt his stats significantly. Shawn Marion was very solid with 42.5 points, but, again, who knows what he would have done had Denver bothered to put up a fight and caused him to play more than 31 minutes.

My third player was Dan Gadzuric. Gadzuric team was also routed, but they were playing without their power forward, thus putting Gadzuric's main substitute Zaza Pachulia in the lineup. Even with the rout, he played 32 minutes, and used those minutes for a MONSTER game. 48.25 points, which included 20 rebounds, 21 points, a block and two steals. Wow. Gadzuric was undrafted this year, and I picked him up off of the free agent lists. For him to have such a performance was a huge boost for the team.

Nightly score: 125.25:76.5
Current score: 753.25:624.5

I have a nice lead, and we have the same number of players in the last two nights (10 each). Cleveland plays twice, so LBJ has two games. Houston and Phoenix have one game each. This is the first time, however, that I can actually say I think I've got a legitimate shot here. 130 points is a fairly large gap to close over two nights and 10 games. Can I lose? Absolutely. He's got a better lineup in these last days. But I could definitely win. And man, a title, especially after losing in the semi-finals of the fantasy football league, would be SWEET.

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