NBA fantasy final Day 8

That was a pretty good night, folks.

We each had 4 players, but Bney Sukar had their strongest player, and three other players who were all supposed to be pretty damn strong, whereas I had my third, fourth, fifth, and seventh best players. And we basically tied. I'm a happy camper.

LeBron James was awesome with 55.25 points. Kid is an awesome monster of rock. Everyone else were blah, as Drew Gooden, Ricky Davis, and Damon Stoudamire had 19.75, 11.25, and 13.25, respectively.

On my team, no one exploded, but three guys were ok. Prince was the star with 33 fantasy points, and Dan Gadzuric continued to be a rock with 29. Bosh had a dissapointing 23.25, but will have a chance to make up for it tonight. And Shareef was ejected early in the third quarter, and only got 8.25.

Nightly score: 93.5:99.5
Current score: 845.75:724

Tonight, Bney Sukar's entire lineup plays, whereas my team has six players. And, well, unless his guys explode, and my guys suck, I'm winning this sucker. It's not in the bank, but it looks good. Damn good.

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