NBA fantasy final Day 9 – games in progress

Ok. Now I'm actually scared. My insurmountable lead? It has shrunk mightily. TMac is taking the night off, Bosh sucked throughout most of his game, and LeBron? Is a freakish monster from hades.

LBJ has, midway through the fourth, 27 points, 14 assists, and 14 rebounds. That's freakishly scary.

Here's my problem. My top guys, TMac and Marion, are in the playoffs and their team's position will not be changed by tonight's games. So TMac is resting, and I can only hope Shawn is playing. LBJ's team is fighting for their last chance to make it to the playoffs, so you can bet your ass they're playing their hearts out.

Still think I'm winning, but… scared now.

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