Olamot 2005 – reminder and day 1 recs

In case any Israeli reader of this blog is unaware, tomorrow is the first day of Olamot 2005. Olamot is in it's first year, taking over for both competing Passover cons – Fantasy.con and Stardust. It takes its place as the second major annual Israeli SF con alongside Icon.

This year's theme is myth, and Olamot has a great programme – which I had nothing to do with creating, so I can hype it without fear of blowing my own horn. Although, of course, I am ON the programme, with a lecture about Icon 2005's GoH Tim Powers. I'm speaking tomorrow (Tuesday) at 16:00, so come check it out.

Other Tuesday highlights include the active screening of BTVS' Once More With Feeling, Itamar Faran's lecture on myth in Zelazny's work, Aliza Ben Mocha's lecture about The Hero With a Thousand Faces, and a screening of Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa of The Valley of Wind, the original manga version of which I've had on loan forever and still haven't gotten to yet (and I'll take this opportunity to thank Raz for not killing me for that).

I'll probably have my usual first day report online tomorrow, as well as some pictures, and recs for Wednesday's stuff.

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