Olamot day 1

Well, the first day of Olamot was kinda fun, but mostly uneventful. I only entered two events, one of which was my own lecture, and the other the "Meet The Society Board" event.

I think my lecture went ok. It wasn't heavily attended, but people seemed to be interested in hearing about Powers, and I got a few laughs.

The Board event was lively, and quite interesting.

Along the way, I met, sat with, and talked to a whole bunch of people. I won't list them, because I'm sure to forget someone, and don't want anyone to feel slighted.

Sadly, I only remembered my camera towards the end, and only some of the few pics I took turned out ok. I'll be posting those next.

Hopefully, tomorrow's report will be a bit more detailed, and have more pictures, but I didn't get a great night's sleep last night, and I'm a bit hazy right now…

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