Olamot day 2 – OMWF was AWESOME

Well, actually, it was Twice More With Feeling, as this was an unplanned encore performance, due to large demand. And boy, do I feel stupid for missing all of the previous performances.

This was awesome. It was funny as hell, extremely well cast overall, and really creative. The cast's Buffy, while dark haired, matched the onscreen Buffy perfectly, in facial expressions and physical mimicry. Also outstanding was the Angry Bunny (yeah, there was an angry bunny. There were three bunnies, and all were great, but the angry one ruled), Anya, and the romantic duo of Angel and Spike.

Most of the afternoon leading up to the show was spent getting tickets for everyone who needed tickets. Mission accomplished, of course, and thanks to everyone who was kind enough to sell, give, and help get tickets for me and my friends.

The evening was wrapped up with a long conversation with Rani and Mike.

It was a fairly short day, but it was a fun one.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Olamot day 2 – OMWF was AWESOME”

  1. So, did you know that the second night of OMWF had absolutely NO Tech rehearsal? That was all done on the fly, and was pretty damn good.
    I loved it when everyone started chanting "I Like Mike!" for obvious reasons, of course.

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