My second comics review at Walla

I hesitate to call it a review, as it is really an overview of Grant Morrison's career in US comics, as well as an introduction to his Seven Soldiers project. For non Hebrew readers, I can sum it up as follows: He rules, he's weird, Seven Soldiers will rock, so read it.

Also in "Didi in the media," this weekend should see the publication of my second film review for Maariv, an ambiguous review of the new Hitchhiker's Guide movie. I can sum that up as: Director sucks, it isn't so much a movie as a series of sketches, but the cast is good, and some of the jokes are really funny. I was on Cable news on Monday, along with some other HHGTTG fans, talking about the movie. It was a fairly brief panel discussion, so if you blinked, you might have missed me. Which wouldn't have been so bad, as I came off a bit pompous in the brutally edited segment. Also, I looked like crap.

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  1. I must admit, I wasn't sure about posting a reply. But that Momi person was so condescending I kinda had to. I can do condescending, and I really think I'm better armed to do it. So I fired away.

    And since I replied, I figured I'd also answer the "where to buy" question and thank the nice person who complimented me.

  2. I believe the places where "Hitchhiker's Guide" failed were the places it tried to stick too closely to the books. I guess some things just don't translate well from one medium to the other.
    Anyways, if you have access to it, the British cinema magazine "Sight and Sound" has a very good cover-feature this month discussing the book's transition to the screen, the changes, and a very balanced review. I'll reserve my own detailed opinion for a post in the Fisheye review, I think.
    As for "Seven Soldiers" – it sounds interesting, but as I'm still recovering from the headache (in the bad sense) "The Invisibles" gave me, I'm hesitant to give this one a try. We'll see.


  3. Well, if you didn't like The Invisibles, you should check out his more mainstream work. Sometimes it seems as though the editorial constraints put upon Morrison when working in the DCU or tha Marvel Universe make his work better. They certainly make it more palatable.

    Also, how much of The Invisibles have you read? I know I had a very hard time at first. For most of the first volume, really. But by the time the second volume came around, my mind was being blown to bits on a fairly regular basis.

  4. Well,I completly disagree about "Animal man" being a ground breaking comics,everything that has done there was done before.

    That includes that talking to the reader shtick,thats old as time itself (or stan lee,if he is older).

    other then that,a very good review,haven't gotten around to 7 soldiers yet,maybe when it will be finished.

  5. I probably said it before, but I think after "The Filth", morrison proved he's not just the best writer in comics, but possibly the best artistic mind of his generation, period. He's is the only work, in any genre or media, produced in the late 90's and early 00's that I can really say I feel priviliged to have been there to expirience in real time.


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