Worldcon participants

I recently spoke to a friend who isn't coming to worldcon. She claimed that no author she knows or cares about is coming to worldcon. Which… well, no.

So I figured I'd do another list of worldcon participants, this time highlighting authors who are well known in Israel, rather than people I personally am excited to meet (although, to be sure, there are some well known authors I'd very much like to meet/see/listen to). The list includes the reason why Israeli readers will have heard of/read the works of the guest.

Robert Sheckley (several translated novels)
Christopher Priest (several translated novels)
Alan Lee (Lord of the Rings art)

Programme participants:
Greg Bear (several translated novels)
Carol Berg (one translated novel, two more on the way)
Sozanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)
Joe Haldeman (Forever War)
Robin Hobb (several translated novels)
George RR Martin (several translated novels)
China Mieville (Perdido Street Station)
Larry Niven (is Larry Niven)
Terry Pratchett (is Terry Pratchett)
Kim Stanley Robinson (Mars series)
Geoff Ryman (253)
Robert Silverberg (is Robert Silverberg)
Connie Willis (is Connie Willis)

The complete list of Interaction programme participants is available here, and includes some wonderful short story authors (Kelly Link, Jeffrey Ford, Andy Duncan, Charles Stross and several others) and some prominent editors (Ellen Datlow, Teresa ans Patrick Nielsen Hayden, David Hartwell).

It's a pretty big list, so I'm sure I missed some important and great people. But the point is – lots of cool people are coming to worldcon. Why aren't you?

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  1. Well, if Miyazaki had taken up on the invitation to show up, I probably would have packed my bags (alas, he doesn't travel the world alot nowdays, that the "no smoking" regulations apply to almost all international flights…).
    As it is, there are many interesting people there, but… nothing that can't wait for another year. This summer I'll probably have my hands full with all kind of tasks (of the upleasent kind).


  2. You know my reason: Money, moeny, money.
    Free translation to dwarvish: Gold, gold, gold.
    And what the hey, Klingon: DarSeq, DarSeq, DarSeq.

  3. Mike, man, I know.

    I couldn't go to the previous european worldcons for the same reason. And I've been saving up for this one for a while. When I had some spare money, I got the membership, when I got a nice big translation check, I paid for the flights. No way could I have paid for it without preparing a bunch of time in advance.

    And the fact that as an editor in the field, I can write the trip off as a business expense REALLY helps too.

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