Survivor and Apprentice finales

Well, it seems we have a new trend – worthy winners of reality shows! I don't want to spoil the winners for the Israeli viewers, but in both cases, the winners were, in fact, the people who deserved to win.

The winner of The Apprentice was so much better than the runner up, they clearly worked hard to try and make it a balanced show, to maintain some semblence of suspense. Didn't really work.

The winner of Survivor… well, there may have been a couple of people I'd rather see winning, and there quite was a bit of luck (also known as "another person making a really dumb move, and then another dumb move, and then an incredibly dumb move). But when you have a winner who was great mentally and physically, and actually seems like a good person… you can't ask for more.

Add that to the winners of The Amazing Race (who were helped by either huge luck or production interference, but were awesome, awesome people), and this has really been the feel good reality season.

If you fear spoilers, don't enter the comments, y'all. I'm gonna put some extra thoughts there, and they WILL be spoilerific

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  1. I'd have to say Tom was the strongest winner Survivor ever had. Maybe stronger than Rob, and without much of the ugliness that surrounded Rob's win (and I speak as a huge Rob fan). Sure, his win was largely predicated on Ian letting himself be guilted out of the running, but Tom was SO strong.

    And in the Apprentice? Kendra was bitched out in the finale for starting out as PM too late? Hell, even before she was PM, she won two tasks for her team by negotiating deals. I really liked Tana before she went nuts, but seriously, there was NO competition here. Kendra was better, smarter, more savvy, and sane. Heck, she was even nicer, and NICE is supposed to be Tana's stock in trade.

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