Feast for Crows is… done?

Martin is finally done. Sort of.

Frankly, I don't care what exactly went in there. I want the damn book. Even if Martin's solution means no Arya and Tyrion and Dany in the this one.

And if it means Dance of Dragons is now half done, he'd better fricking produce that one post haste. Some of us ASOIF junkies need our fix, dammit.

And for the record, I've been saying Parris is right and GRRM is wrong for years now. It was destined to be a seven book series. Hell, doesn't the man read his own books? It HAD to be seven.

3 תגובות על ״Feast for Crows is… done?״

  1. What it means is that for 5 years he's been writing two books in one.So we waited long and hard, but we're going to get both in a really short time! then the long waiting for the last two…
    BTW this is The Hound speaking…

  2. Hound, you are certainly a great optimist, and I applaud you for that… but really, you know there are parts that were supposed to go into DANCE that haven't been written yet. Probably lots of them. If he finishes in under a year, I'll be thrilled.

  3. Well, he's saying it's half-done, and he's already in the swing…and a year a short time in GRRM standarts 🙂

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