Some thoughts on season finales

First up – Lost. Many have complained about the episode for its lack of answers. Fuck that. This is a show driven by questions, not answers. We got some answers, but not too many. With Lost, I KNOW the next season will be excellent. With Veronica Mars, which had a more satisfying finale in terms of answers, I have no idea. What do they do next year? Also, Lost remains the best acted and shot series on TV, and one of the best written.

The Contender. Great finale. I was very happy about the winner, who I thought was genuinely the best boxer in the competition. And once again, the show managed to be both genuinely touching and unintentionally hilarious at the same time. Hope Burnett finds it a new home for next season.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Well, the finale was the epitome of what the show was about, both for good and for ill. EMHE basically has two kinds of episodes – the hero episodes (great deserving person who needs help) and the pity episodes (poor sick/impoverished person (or family)who needs saving). I much prefer the hero eps, as the pity eps tend to degenerate into pity porn. The finale was a little bit of both, really, but focused more on the good, and the mother was just an amazing woman, so I was happy about that. Was using Jessica Lynch a ratings grab? Absolutely. Is the Sears infomercial aspect of the show getting a bit old? Hell, yeah. But still and all, they did a good thing, and they did it well.

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  1. I thought the "Lost" finale was great.

    Unlike other eps in the season, those 2 hour (or 3 , actually) hooked me to my seat.

    There was unstopped action, and we did found out some things (mostly about the "others" and obout the hatch. well, sort of).

    "Lost" is my favorite show now days. next year will bring us a lot of potentially good shows, but I can hardly wait for season 2 of "Lost".

    p.s. Dunno why you're so into those crappy reality shows. these stupid shows almost ruined scripted TV.

    I hate reality shows (except for 'Idol').

  2. I'm not into crappy reality shows. I'm into good shows. Period. Some of them are reality shows, some of them are scripted. Survivor can't give me what Veronica Mars can, but the reverse is also true. Good reality shows have human emotions that scripted TV cannot match.

    Crappy reality shows can be truly horrific. I watched the first (and only aired) episodes of The Will, mostly out of morbid curiosity, and it was truly bad. And The Swan was sickening.

    But The Contender, Survivor, Amazing Race, Idol, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are good shows. Queer Eye was a good show before it got totally played. Changing Rooms is a good show. Would Like to Meet and Life Laundry are absolutely terrific shows.

    You know what almost ruined scripted TV? Bad scripts. Once scripted TV rose to the challenge, with Lost, VM, Grey's Anatomy, and (even though I don't watch it) Desperate Housewives, television in general only benefited.

  3. I stopped watching Lost somewhere in midseason. It just… never *went* anywhere. Episodes were written more for shock then anything else, I felt, and constantly having the bait pulled away from me ended up being more frustrating then fascinating. But then it seems that I'm the minority there.

    Now, you know what they're going to do on the next season of Veronica Mars? They're going to write a NEW PLOT. Revolutionary concept, isn't it? Anyone has yet to convince me that Lost has anything other then a wild improvisational marathon. "Quick, we're shooting in ten minutes! What happens now?"

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