The Biggest Winner

For some time, in conversations with friends, I've been saying Robert Horry should be a hall of famer.

A few days ago, Sports Guy Bill Simmons wrote that there should be a special category for players like Horry in the hall. I disagree. And last night, Horry gave me the ammunition.

"Role player" and "spot shooter" Robert Horry took over the game. When nearly everybody else in the team was quaking in their sneakers, Horry just scored, scored, and scored again. 21 points in the second half and OT. He now has more threes in the finals than Michael Jordan, and if the Spurs win the series, he'll have as many championships.

Robert Horry may not have great stats. He may not be a great player in the regular season. But the playoffs, and especially the finals, are the true testing ground of the greats. And Robert Horry is great.

He should be a hall of famer. First ballot. Straight up. No special exceptions needed.

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