This year's Bydion (fiction) con was held this last Thursday. It was the second of what I hope will be many Bydions.

The con was small. Nay, tiny. One room, a strip of programming, including two panels. I was on the first one, which dealt with conspiracies, and spoke about Tim Powers.

Some of the other speakers were excellent. I was particularly impressed with Gali Golan, who moderated the second panel (on apocalypses). Joe Brown was excellent as usual, but had to brief as one of the speakers on his panel hogged the stage for way, way, way, waaaaaay too long.

Other than that, it was all very good. I had a good time talking with Mike, Vered, Joe, and several others. Here are some pictures of the mini con.

I hope next year's con will be bigger, and better advertized.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Bydion”

  1. It may have been small, but as you saw, it was almost at capacity. We'll probably be there next year, and hopefully a larger hall, if it's available.
    It was a blast.
    We have to do it more often.

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