NBA finals – final thoughts

The better team won. Duncan was great in the last game but didn't deserve the finals MVP. Manu or Horry should have gotten it.

Someone needs to start drilling into Tayshaun Prince that he is a superstar. He's got all the athletic gifts, but lacks the drive and the belief in himself. Dude needs to score 25 points a game and take over games on a regular basis. Maybe a new coach will help in that regard.

One more thought about the Israeli broadcast – Oded Kattash is insane. Whenever he spoke about defense, I had to laugh. When he spoke about the offense, it was as if he isn't aware that there IS a defense. When he said Pini Gershon would revolutionize basketball in the NBA, I shook my head. And when he said he'd rather have Anthony Parker and Sharras over Tony Parker and Manu… well… ahhh… have I mentioned he's insane?

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