Gabe's baaaaack

Gabriel Chouinard, one of the most interesting critics in SF, has a new blog, and he seems to be motivated again. Good. At most points in its history, SF has needed a good kick upside the head. It needs it now.

Kick, Gabe, kick.

Hey, I just went to the site again and found this in the sidebar: "gabe chouinard believes literature needs to be dragged screaming into the streets and given a good ass-kicking." I swear I didn't read it before writing the above.

2 תגובות על ״Gabe's baaaaack״

  1. "Gabriel Chouinard, one of the most interesting critics in SF"

    Clearly, Didi, either you have access to a vast amount of crack cocaine or you're given to extremely overblown and hyperbolic praise.

    Either way, I'm good with that.


  2. Heh. Sadly, no crack whatsoever was involved in the writing of this post.

    I've been reading your reviews and critiques since you first got the column in sfsite, and whether I agree or disagree, your stuff is always interesting.

    You're an interesting writer. Deal with it.

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