People seem to be posting their worldcon schedules

So hey, I'll post mine (yes, I'm actually on the programme):

Thursday 7:00pm How do You get to a Book Cover
Didi Chanoch
Simon R Green
John Picacio
Karen Traviss (M)
Artists and art directors from different countries/industries
discuss the differences in their markets. What unconscious cultural
preferences exist? What makes a good book cover?

May seem like a strange choice, as I'm neither an artist nor a an art director. But for my series in Modan, I DO serve as a de facto art director, working with the cover designers to get the best cover for the books.

I'm landing in Glasgow at 17:30, so it should be a mad dash to the hotel and from there to the con. Thank GOD I'm staying at the Moat House, which is right next to the SECC.

3 תגובות על ״People seem to be posting their worldcon schedules״

  1. Not on the official programme, but will be running around with a film crew, shooting Worldcon for a documentary on SF. So it's going to be busy…

    Planning on hitting some of the publishers' parties (but that's just work again, isn't it?), and whatever else is going on. Don't think I'll be going to many panels, never been my thing though we might film one or two.

    What other Israelis are going?

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