Phones in Space Podcast 8: Insert Objectionable Text Here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We've been gone a while, but we're BACK with more talk about mobile phones and science fiction. In the first 28:30 minutes, we talk about tech: Nokia, tablets, Apple. This week, the SF talk kinda took over, as most of the rest was about the local iCon convention (or, as it was this year, convetions), DC tv shows, Snyder's Superman, Sherlock Holmes 2 casting news, and our take on the nearly over Mad Men series and the new fall shows.




תגובה אחת בנושא “Phones in Space Podcast 8: Insert Objectionable Text Here”

  1. Hi,
    You did not had any interesting or insightful insights regrading the Nokia lack of market or the new Galaxy launch
    I expected something different, the talk between you two was not fluid, no comebacks or a real flamy disagreement.
    Icon thoughts were OK, as thoughts go.

    BTW, when recording please close door and windows
    I could hear the dog,a little girl and a bus brakes shriek ?

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