As is my habit on the first day of the month, I took the day off.

I did, however, sally forth to the estimable Pikarski literary

agency, and came back with several intriguing books. Most

anticipated of these was Carey's Kushiel's Chosen. Some of you

will recall how much I liked its predecessor, Kushiel's Dart.

Also of note is the fact that I got my greedy hands on Perdido

Street Station
again, thus insuring that The Scar will come my

way soon. As soon as my department can handle a book of its

size, I am SO publishing PSS.

Other than that, not much of note. Am very much looking

forward to watching the Oz season opener. Those are always


Let's start off with some essential weblog links:

Patrick Neilsen Hayden's Weblog

PNH is who I want to be when I grow up. He's a senior editor

at TOR, and a wise man.

Neil Gaiman's Blog is pretty much the coolest thing

ever for people like me, who are fans of The Neil.

Schism Matrix is where Bruce Sterling posts links daily.

I mean, he's Bruce fuckin' Sterling!

Well, gooly gee, it's a weblog. Sure aren't enough of those around huh?

And it's in English, because most of the content I'll be linking to is in

English, and because Blogger is easier to use in English. This weblog

will not deal solely with SF and Fantasy related stuff. It's here for whatever

I feel like saying, on whatever topic. Could be sports, film, tv. Could even

be (shudder) politics.

No guarantees on how often I'll be updating this. I actually started this

weblog over a year ago, and abandoned before going public with it. So

we'll see how it goes.

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